Yoga or Pilates? Which is right for you?

Yoga and Pilates share a lot of the same benefits: slimming, flexibility, balance, strength building, so which is best? Well, it’s a personal preference really, so here is a menu of reasons why each are masters in their own respects.

Yoga                                                                              Pilates

A holistic spiritual discipline rooted in Eastern forms of meditation. Focused on physical conditioning and stemmed from rehabilitation
Originated around or before 600 BC Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century
Connects mind, body and spirit Centers around mind and body
Yoga uses only the body’s strength to tone muscles The Pilates reformer machine uses resistance and targets muscles
There are thousands of variations so each class is unique It’s a structured practice so you know what to expect each class
Focus is distributed evenly on all body parts The focus always returns to the core
Breathing is very deep and channeled through the nose Breathing pattern flows in through the nose and out through the mouth
Includes meditation and chanting to seal the appreciation of the practice and its benefits Small targeted movements allows the body to work “smart” not hard with control and precision
If you are looking for a spiritual and stress-relieving workout, yoga might be for you If you are looking for a focus on core and back strength, Pilates might be for you
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One Response to “Yoga or Pilates? Which is right for you?”

  1. Nice lil article. I like the comparison and may use it for a quick client “hey..what the primary difference description”.

    I’m obviously on the Pilates side as a Pilates instructor, but I’ve done Yoga for ~20yrs and really enjoy the differences & benefits that BOTH practices offer. And I will eventually do some specific Yoga training, probably AcroYoga.

    I will also mention that the Pilates comments only reference the reformer for Pilates, and that “Yoga uses only the body’s strength to tone muscles”.. Actually.. so does the original Pilates Classical Matwork methodology.. It was created as that/original matwork exercise before the equipment, and many people benefit from doing mat classes first (or only if that is what they have access to, or can afford), or even matwork privates to gain experience before pursuing equipment training.

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