The Cadbury Bicycle Factory program brings change to Ghana – one bike at a time

For kids in rural Ghana, a bicycle represents much more than just fun – it represents access to education and a chance for a brighter future. That’s why Cadbury’s Bicycle Factory has its gears in motion for a third consecutive year – to inspire Canadians to help build even more bikes – and lots of hope – for the kids of Ghana.

“Since 2009, The Cadbury Bicycle Factory program has delivered over 9,000 bikes to children in remote communities of Ghana,” said Aditi Burman, Senior Promotions Manager, Corporate Scale, Kraft Canada. “The overwhelming support we’ve received from Canadians is remarkable and we are so excited to see the results of our collective efforts again this year. The Cadbury Bicycle Factory represents our ongoing support of cocoa growing communities in Ghana.”

Each bicycle delivered is the culmination of 100 virtual parts that Canadians have built online by entering UPC codes from any participating Cadbury chocolate, gum, candy or cough product at Each UPC code equals one virtual part, and once 100 virtual parts are assembled into a virtual bike, a real bike – specially designed for the rugged terrain of rural Ghana – is built and ready to be delivered to Ghana.

Cadbury works closely with international associations and local partners on the ground in Africa to ensure effective distribution of the bicycles, and each community receives training and tools to ensure that the bikes remain a sustainable and valuable resource.

Earlier this year, two honorary “Factory Workers” – bloggers Darius Bashar of Toronto and Rebecca Bollwitt (a.k.a. Miss 604) from Vancouver – had the chance to experience the Cadbury Bicycle Factory first-hand by travelling to Ghana to help deliver over 4,000 of the bicycles assembled from the 2010 program and engage with local children who’ve benefited from a previous delivery.

Help Build a Bike TODAY Canada!

From now until July 31st, 2011, simply log onto and enter the UPC code from any participating Cadbury product including chocolate bar favourites such as Caramilk and Dairy Milk and great brands like Toblerone, Côte d’Or, Trident, Dentyne, Stride, Maynards candies and HALLS. One UPC code entered on the site equals one virtual bicycle part and the UPC code from Fair Trade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk product equals two virtual bicycle parts. It takes 100 virtual parts to create one bicycle.


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