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                            文章來源:消防水炮 作者:華盛編輯 發布時間: 瀏覽次數:0



                                    Let's take a look at some basic maintenance and upkeep of fire water monitors. In daily life, in addition to mastering certain professional knowledge of firefighting, earthquake resistance, and disaster relief, it is also necessary to have a certain understanding of the maintenance and upkeep of some machines.




                              1. The fire water monitor needs to be applied within the working pressure range of the application.


                              2. Fire water monitors should be regularly checked for integrity and coordination of use. If standard components are found to be loose, they should be repaired in a timely manner to ensure that the monitor is in good working condition.


                              3. During the water spraying operation, loosen the clamping screws, adjust the spraying target and angle of view of the gun, and then increase the working pressure used


                              4. Rotating the water jet regulating ring can achieve the conversion of the water main and tributaries into full bloom, and also convert full bloom into direct current.


                               5. After each use of the fire water monitor, it should be sprayed with cold water for a period of time, and then the water inside the monitor should be drained.


                              6. The rotating position of the gun should be regularly lubricated to ensure flexible rotation.


                              7. When the fire water cannon is gushing, no one should sit in front of the cannon barrel.


                              8. Cannons cannot be used to extinguish energized machinery and equipment to prevent electric shock accidents.


                              9.When the fire water monitor is not in operation, the monitor should be placed to a certain extent and covered with waterproof fabric. The fire water monitor should be an automatic fire extinguishing device that uses water as a substance and can extinguish fires over long distances. This cannon is suitable for petrochemical enterprises, storage tank areas, hangars, warehouses, port logistics, parking garages, and other places. It is also an ideal vehicle mounted fire water cannon for firefighting vehicles.



                                    As for the maintenance and repair of fire monitors, we have known that fire monitors are important tools for firefighters to carry out fire rescue. They can fire water, foam and other fire agents, and protect people from fire hazards. Please also use it with the help of professional personnel.


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