'Locked and Loaded' The Story behind the NFL Lockout

The truth behind the NFL Lockout. Who is it really hurting? What do the players have to say? What about the fans?

Matthew Cherry, former NFL player turned Film Director, and Tony A. Gaskins Jr., former college football player turned Author, Life Coach and Producer, have teamed up to explore and uncover the mayhem of the 2011 NFL Lockout. With first hand knowledge, both former athletes and current business men can relate to the frustration of the players and owners equally. This documentary will help bring a clear understanding to the fans of what is really happening before our eyes. Together the two will tell this story with passion and heart; not only as former players but as fans of the game. Locked And Loaded will cover the controversy with stories, testimonials and interviews from all angles. The crew will travel the country following rallies, hearings, players, fans, employees at stadiums, game manufacturers, clothing apparel lines and the list goes on.

A very compelling documentary of when billions aren’t enough!

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