Hair-Raising Truths

While it’s normal to lose about 100 hairs per day, excessive loss can also be a side effect of low nutrient flow in the bloodstream, vitamin deficiency or digestive abnormality. Truth be told, better health is your ticket to better hair!

  1. Eat Well Opt for foods that contain proteins, iron, and healthy oils.
  2. Stay Hydrated Stress and dehydration contribute to hair loss.
  3. Exercise Increased blood circulation to your head promotes hair follicle growth.
  4. Reduce Stress Try meditation and other relaxation techniques to take the edge off.
  5. Go Natural Heat styling and pulled hairstyles apply stress to the scalp.
  6. Avoid Chemicals Chemical-laden  products damage follicles and induce hair loss.
  7. Cleanse Wash hair regularly with gentle products. Most commercial shampoos contain a lathering chemical called surfactant, which can be irritating to the scalp.
  8. Get a Scalp Massage Essential oils like lavender, rosemary and olive oil stimulate blood circulation and promote growth.
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