Don’t text and drive

Underscoring the importance of April’s National Distracted Driving Awareness campaign, SmartDrive Systems, a leader in fleet safety and operational efficiency, today released the 2010 SmartDrive Distracted Driving Index, a revealing look at commercial fleet distracted driving rates during the past year. Among several significant findings, the 2010 SDDI report shows that the top 5% of drivers with the most driving distractions were distracted 67% of the time during which a risky driving maneuver was observed. That’s nearly six times more often than the rest of the drivers.

The study evaluated more than 13.8 million video events recorded over the course of 2010, involving 34,466 commercial drivers. The percentages reflect how often a distraction was observed when a risky driving maneuver was recorded.

Overall 2010 distraction rate was 9.7% of the time risky driving maneuvers were observed and the nine most common distractions observed in conjunction with a risky driving maneuver were:

Distraction 2010 Rate

  • 45.5% – Object in hand
  • 13.4% – Talking on a Handheld Mobile Phone
  • 12.7% – Beverage
  • 10.1% – Food
  • 9.9% – Smoking
  • 9.1% – Operating a Handheld Device
  • 5.2% – Talking/Listening Mobile Phone – Hands Free
  • 1.0% – Manifest, Map or Navigation
  • 0.6% – Grooming
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