Dayna Devon – A little bit Extra goes a long way

“Making sure our kids are fit is such a battle – it’s hard to control every aspect of your kids health- it’s a full-time job.”

Having dealt with weight issues of her own growing up, Extra host and busy parent Dayna Devon understands the importance of mentoring her two children through examples in exercise, healthy eating and healthy living.

In addition to year round swimming, and gymnastics, Dayna and husband Dr. Brent Moelleken (a renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon) ensure that both Emmi (3) and Cole (2) get plenty of exercise through leisure activity as well as through family bike rides, or long walks to brunch every Saturday.

Dayna also facilitates healthy eating habits by avoiding fast foods.

“We don’t go to many restaurants and opt for vegetarian snacks which are low in trans fats. We make a big deal out of healthy foods and get our kids excited about things like real fruit juices that I make for them in our juicer.”

Both Dayna and her husband are proud supporters of a number of charities including, “Harmony with No Limits” and “Race to Erase MS.”

After Extra, I am looking forward to being a mom for a bit. Taking a small break, and keeping an open mind.”

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