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Summer strawberry & chicken salad

The warmer weather is finally starting to show itself so that means it’s time to start thinking about backyard bar-b-ques and delicious fresh salads. Our strawberry salad (you can have with or without the chicken) is light, tasty and packed with vitamins. Dress it with strawberry vinaigrette for added punch on a hot summer night.

Wendy’s ‘poutine’ push!

Wendy’s Canada is bringing the Quebec classic dish to the country with the addition of poutine to its menu. They are also launching an online “Poutition” to make it Canada’s national dish as a media hook. There’s no denying the savory taste of Wendy’s iconic fries, served hot and crispy with a sprinkle of sea […]

Beneath the Surface: Gulf Seafood’s Fight for Survival

The Food Channel® ( ) is releasing a WebTV video that takes a look at the future of seafood following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill which occurred a year ago, April 20, 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico. The crew shot in New Orleans, La., over a ten day period to catch up with what […]

Get Growing – If the 100-kilometer diet is a good idea… isn’t the 100-meter diet better?

Buying produce from local sources is a fast growing trend among the quintessential health-conscious consumer.  I’d like to take things a step further, and  suggest that growing your own fruits and vegetables would be even better. This year, it is predicted that home-grown fruit and vegetables will increase in popularity at a greater pace than […]

The Bitter Sweet Rush of Sugar

The amount of refined sugar found in most packaged foods is considerably high. I bet you never realized that a tablespoon of ketchup contains a tablespoon of sugar? Even if you read labels religiously, it’s hard to gauge just how much sugar is added in varied forms such as fructose glucose, maltose and lactose.

Jewel Partners with Libby’s to Re-make the Iconic Jingle

Libby’s knows the importance of family meal time and encourages families to make it a point to get back to the table to spend quality time together. This spring, Libby’s Fruits and Vegetables, along with singer-songwriter Jewel, is also encouraging families to come together and show off their creativity by re-making the iconic Libby’s jingle.

Tim Horton’s Royal Wedding Inspiration

Want a slice of the royal wedding cake? Cold Stone Creamery Canada invites Canadians to indulge in a new Signature Creation inspired by the chocolate biscuit cake to be served at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding this month. The new Signature Creation, Royal Wedded Bliss, combines decadent Chocolate ice cream with rich Yellow […]


When it comes to caring for our precious angels, the world seems to have gone organic crazy! From cotton, veggie onesies and organic diapers to earth-friendly dinnerware, bibs, wipes and hand-made toy giraffes. Trendy, organic boutiques are lining our city streets with products that claim to have been “made with your baby’s health and happiness […]