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‘Secret Nerve Cures’ reveals the most prevalent nerve disorders and what to do about them

Most trained neurologists feel inadequately trained to deal with nerve and pain disorders. Secret Nerve Cures outlines safe and effective lifestyle solutions.

Dogs Help Kids Boost Reading Skills

Now there is one more reason to get a dog for the kids: researchers from UC Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine reveal that Fido can help improve children’s reading ability. This finding was reported on “ABC World News.”

Alicia Silverstone – The Kind Diet

Alicia Silverstone shares her journey to self-discovery, a vegan lifestyle and connection to the earth in her new book The Kind Diet. Intentionally written as an easy roadmap for others to follow, she brings it across in her upbeat and conversational voice that makes you feel like girlfriends chatting over coffee.

Ashley Judd talks of neglect, abuse in memoir

Actress Ashley Judd lays it all out there in her new memoir, detailing a lonely, painful childhood that included sexual abuse and thoughts of suicide while her mother Naomi Judd and sister Wynonna sought to build a career as country music stars. In excerpts of “All That Is Bitter and Sweet,” and in a TV […]

Warning: Will The Real Source Code Please Stand Up

As Jake Gyllenhal’s movie The Source Code draws red carpet attention, real source codes are at the mercy of the world’s cyber criminal elite. Proprietary financial and personal information is in global danger. Intelligent cyber terrorists are in abundance and looking for their next victim through unique computer source code infiltration. William A. Thau’s fictional […]