The Chamas Family has manifested their discouragement and disillusionment with the Canadian government with a bold statement of distress. Following the article in the Journal de Montreal of yesterday, April 19, 2011; Mr. Chamas has demanded a full retraction of the false and defamatory statements. The conspiracy of the government in their ongoing campaign upon this family has reached a limit that defies logic. In response to several new events including a seizure on March 24, 2011 at the residence by the CRA of all the valuables in the house, and the pending deportation of the family, the family has erected a flagpole and hung 5 Canadian Flags upside down under a Quebec flag.

The 5 Canadian Flags symbolize the 5 family members in the residence who are in distress. The family residence has been under seizure by the Canadian government since July 2006; and the lien by the CRA has increased to $1,800,000 as of March 24, 2011. Mr. Chamas and his family have endured many violations of their human and civil rights and now the final outrage! The wife of Mr. Chamas, Brigitte Garas, a French national whose application for Canadian Permanent Residency has been denied, is facing deportation. The distress reached a new level with the de facto deportation of the children, all three: ages 15 , 10, and 3; who are Canadian citizens.

In this particular case, the government has not given a plausible reason for their decision. It is peculiar that the same Conservative government had, in fact in 2006, given Madame Garas a ministerial permit to stay in the country while her application under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds was processed. This permit was renewed 2 additional times; then without warning or reason, Madame Garas received a notice that she was being expelled from the country, that the permit was revoked and the permanent residency application was denied. The unusual part is that before the application for renewal of the permit was received, it was denied; and that this decision was taken at the Ottawa level and not the usual processing center; and at the same time the permanent residency was also denied. Madame Garas had to surrender her French passport, in 2009, and basically has been a “hostage” here; if she leaves she could not return; and her lawyers began the process of appealing all the decisions, with no success. Meanwhile, Madame Garas has continued to raise her children and be an active part of her community. Madame Garas ran in her first marathon last fall, and has been active in her children’s schools while continuing her integration into Quebec and Canadian societies. Now her children face an unimaginable choice the government has placed upon them….their Canadian citizenship, Education, their friends and way of life…..or life with their mother in exile from their country.

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