The Bitter Sweet Rush of Sugar

The amount of refined sugar found in most packaged foods is considerably high. I bet you never realized that a tablespoon of ketchup contains a tablespoon of sugar? Even if you read labels religiously, it’s hard to gauge just how much sugar is added in varied forms such as fructose glucose, maltose and lactose.

Why is sugar toxic to the body?
Refined sugar, originally extracted from sugar cane and other plants, becomes depleted of vitamins and minerals. What’s left is a refined carbohydrate, which, because of the missing elements, cannot be properly utilized by the body, resulting in the formation of a toxic metabolite (i.e. pyruvic acid) that interferes with the respiration of cells, yielding degenerative diseases.

What can I do?
Kick the refined sugar habit by replacing them with whole grains, vegetables and natural fruit. Changing the quality of your carbohydrate intake can dramatically change the quality of your health.

Did you know?
Every year, the average adult consumes anywhere between 120 and 150 lbs of refined sugar. That’s about 1/3 of-a-pound per day!

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