Alicia Silverstone – The Kind Diet

Alicia Silverstone shares her journey to self-discovery, a vegan lifestyle and connection to the earth in her new book The Kind Diet.

Intentionally written as an easy roadmap for others to follow, she brings it across in her upbeat and conversational voice that makes you feel like girlfriends chatting over coffee.

The book reveals the three ways one can arrive at The Kind Diet; if you love animals (her pathway), if you love the planet, or if you love your skinny jeans and simply want to be a healthier, slimmer and happier version of yourself.

Her light bulb moment came a few weeks after she ditched the meat and donned a new outlook on life, noticing that she was hardly ever sick and felt stronger in her body, heart and mind. She stopped having to go to the doctor, buying over-the counter meds, saving on medical bills, not to mention the amount of time she saved not being sick.

When looking at the stats surrounding how much energy and natural resources it takes to produce 1 lb of meat, the staggering result is equal to the same amount of water used to take 6 months of showers. It’s an easy calculation that if the majority of the population chose more plant-based food options its impact on the earth would be enormous.

Although if you’re not ready to give up your favourite foods for good, she’s outlined a ‘flirting diet’ – designed for those that who are curious but have commitment issues. The idea being that once you test the waters you’ll continue to try more. Alicia dares anyone to pass up her coffee and fudge brownie or cheesecake.

What’s in her pantry right now?

“My faves are steamed collard greens from my garden and whole grains,” Alicia says. “But if you want to start small, try gentle replacements that are cleaner and healthier (and that you won’t even notice). Go with great transitional foods like Earth Balance Butter™ or Veganaise™. Plant-based foods can still be incredibly sexy, decadent, indulgent, delicious and fantastic.”

Take it from Alicia that you don’t have to sacrifice taste, or Bessy for tonight’s supper.

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